"I have worked in factories, journalism and sales. I like travelling and have been to many parts of the country, towns, cities and country villages. My method for finding interesting local places is to ring the local Tourist office and talk to them about the place and when I arrive I go to a pub and talk to local people who know the interesting places. That is why I have been to unusual places like the city farm in St. Werburghs city farm, Bristol, Sky Edge, Sheffield and the source of the Mersey in Stockport.

I take a lot of photographs of these places and a very small example is in the Gallery on this website. As mentioned my next book is of poetry and my photographs. I am also planning a future book on England which I intend to develop from the notes I take and illustrate with my photographs. I am taking notes for a future large volume of Literary Essays which will range from medieval Literature to the twentieth century. I studied English literature, Dramatic Structure and Playwriting and Film Structure and script writing. I find that when I am very busy a break in a traditional English pub is very refreshing and you return to work with new ideas and a fresh view of what you are doing."


My new book is King Alfred's Jewel: Poetry of the Imagination and Imaginative Photography. Prior to that I published a collection of Literary Essays. Some Literary Essays: Comments and Insights

    STORYTELLER By David Hamilton - Press Release 1st July

'Early onset of Dementia inspired me to express important stories from my life, as well as tales & legends  that enthralled me, in poetry. Memories that are rapidly disappearing’

Author David Hamilton, crippled with pain, unable to walk, and recently diagnosed with early stages of Dementia has been communicating his pain, anxiety, and memories of what once was an ‘ordinary life’ through a series of Poetry collections.    

‘Storyteller’ is David Hamilton’s third collection of Poems and Stories accompanied by beautiful photographs.

Readers of historical fiction, and those who have a passion for the use of language will be enthralled by the exquisite use of narrative and poetic form that reflects many historical writers such as Shakespeare along with many lauded poets of the last 100 years.

Using first person narrative along with the musings of many historical and mythological characters; David's poetry takes readers on a journey through imaginative worlds who along the way will encounter many modern day parallels reflecting on the everyday mundanity of life.

Eschewing the fashionable form of contemporary poetry, David’s writing engages the reader with more tangible reference points that they will not only understand as pertinent today but also enable an imaginative dialogue across the centuries and reflect the challenges and characters that we meet and are faced with in our everyday life.

David said “drawing the audience in and taking them on a journey that is filled with joy and sadness, pain and respite, challenges and adventures; in fact all that we experience as we venture through years.”

David has captured the local dialect and storytelling culture as he travels across the country and collects personal and social tales, often ‘over a drink’ in a local pub.

However, these enlightening visits have been sadly curtailed over the past couple of years as he suffers from a rapidly deteriorating disability which has reduced his capacity for travelling as he is now unable to walk unaided. The onset of this disability and his rapidly deepening Dementia has posed interesting challenges for David, and these are also reflected in the language and narrative of his books.

David has published a number of poetry and short story collections including King Alfred's Jewel and .Poetry Noir, which is  Sci-Fi! set in a re-creation centre for cloning and creating a ‘soul less’ generation bringing with them the demise of all forms of art – poignantly representative of David's own struggles as his memory and ability to communicate slowly deteriorate

STORYTELLER By David Hamilton, Price: £7.37
ISBN:9781788039116 Available at Amazon
Kindle £2.99

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