Storyteller: On the Journey of Poetry

David Hamilton

Storyteller, On the Journey of Poetry, is the third collection of poems from David Hamilton.
It is like no other collection of poems that I have ever read before. And I mean that in a very good and very positive light.
David Hamilton is a poet for the modern age, yet he is able to drawn upon the poetic traditions of Homer, Chaucer, Pope and Tennyson.
It's not just a collection of poems, it contains the distilled wisdom of the author, plus a collection of extremely high quality photographs (all taken by David Hamilton) that really add to the vitality of this anthology.
There are poems, sonnets and stories told from the perspective of a variety of historical characters, all smartly linked together by the weaving prose of David Hamilton who acts in the guise of a literary master of ceremonies. And what splendid ceremonies they are!
The book is published by Matador and costs £12.99 and will make an excellent Christmas gift for the poetry reader in your life. And for the non-poetry reader too, for that matter.

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Culture Wars: To Discipline the Devil's Regions

David Hamilton

The subtitle is from line 4 of Hexagram 64 of the legendary Chinese Book of Change, the I Ching.

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Some Literary Essays

David Hamilton

King Alfred's Jewel: Poetry of the imagination and imaginative photography

David Hamilton

The title poem, King Alfred's Jewel, is a journey in search of something lacking inside. On the journey the subject goes through a tunnel like the underworld of classical literature but to modern psychologists is the unconscious. I used it to try to describe the Dark Night of the Soul from inside. This notion was originally described by St. John of the Cross. In this I use poetic imagery but it is meant to help the many people who suffer depression. It tries to show that if you come through the other side happier times can be waiting. There is a debate about the difference between depression and the Dark Night, which is seen as a spiritual experience not something pathological.

There is also a dramatic monologue called “Wolfshead” which was the name for an outlaw or an outlaw’s lair where outlaws congregated. It is lighter than Dark Night and I hope enjoyable to read. Most of us are fascinated by outlaw stories and this has several as it is a group of deceased outlaws who return to tell their legendary stories on a May eve in Sherwood Forest with Robin Hood presiding. They relate the legendary tales associated with themselves and in cases where there is a record of their real lives tell that story which is a contrast.


Concept Poems 1

David Hamilton

This is a concept book with 110 Concept Poems within. The first three sections reflect the confusion and conflicts in rejection between desire and despair, wishful thinking and reality. The variety itself is interesting and the book is divided into sections. The first three related concepts are poetry that grew out of a broken relationships, the separation of soul-mates and the sadness that the two who should have been together endured because of the separation. A concept poem, is a series of poems connected by subject or a central character, arranged or occurring in temporal, spatial or other order of succession and can be read as a series. They also have similar recurring images and cross-references, but within those linking similarities there is inner variety to make it fresh and interesting. The poems occur on a visit to Mount Parnassus to see the Pythian. She presides, introduces the sections and frames the book with a prologue and an epilogue. There are some topical miscellaneous poems in the final section like on beauty from Westminster Bridge and the environment as in the plastic rubbish patches that are floating round the Pacific which are independent of each other. There is a mirror effect: experiences everyone shares where readers can find themselves.

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